StrongBox® is the world’s #1 data storage solution*

- The lowest cost on the market.
- The simplest solution on the market.

And you don’t even need to change the way you do things.

StrongBox® is the world’s #1 data storage solution*

Many of the world’s largest corporations, governments and organizations trust StrongBox® to safeguard their most valuable content:

The US Government
#1 media company in the world
#1 aircraft manufacturer in the world
#1 film and television distribution company in the world
#1 medical library in the world
#1 music company in the world
#1 telecom in the world
#1 toy company in the world
#1 research institution in the world for molecular biology and genetics
#1 global manufacturer of data storage
#1 camera maker in the world
#1 supplier of automotive parts in the world
#1 surveillance system company in the world
#1 Internet of Things company in the world
#1 green company in the US
#1 regulated utility in the US
#1 power generator in the US
#1 center for genomic research in the world

Why StrongBox®?

Reduce your storage costs

StrongBox® is the lowest cost data storage technology in the world that combines flash, disk, tape, and cloud for your perfect blend of economy and performance.

Simplify your life

StrongBox® is the simplest data archiving solution on the market. Nothing new to learn. Just “set it and forget it”.

Complete data protection

Eliminate risk with data protection you can trust on-site, off-site, and in the cloud. Your data is safe and future-proofed.


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Storage Gateway
Seamlessly connect cloud, virtual appliances, and off-site storage with one simple access point for all unstructured data.
Cloud Storage
Combine the data accessibility of cloud with the backup protection of on-site storage.
Data Protection
Proactively protect unstructured content with automatic archiving.
Improve data access while saving up to 50% on storage costs with intelligent storage tiering.
Bringing focus to the software-defined storage market

For a few years now, folks have been pushing the idea that server virtualization-and its correlatives, software-defined networks and software-defined storage – is a panacea for everything that’s been holding back IT service delivery…. Read the full article here. 

Repurpose backup and archive data to gain value

Historically, backup and archive data has represented the most comprehensive data set in many organizations. But this data is rarely used for anything other than restoring deleted, corrupted or otherwise lost primary data. This is a noble duty in and of itself, but the excitement about big data analytics is leading some users to believe that…



Ephemeral Data | By Jon Toigo

I get very perturbed when I hear otherwise intelligent developers talk about data backup and archive like they are an old man’s game.  Increasingly, I am told that storage infrastructure today is best designed to be “flat and frictionless” rather than tiered, with data migration or copy.  When data is no longer being accessed or…


Want to Win A PETABYTE at NAB Show?

This year marks StrongBox’s fifth year at the National Association of Broadcasters Show, and we think it’s going to be our best year yet. StrongBox® is teaming up with Fujifilm in the Dternity booth (SL 7613) to make simple, affordable storage your new reality. Petabyte Giveaway: You Don’t Want to Miss This! Stop by the…


7 Things You Need to Know about LTFS

LTFS has impacted tape’s modern role in data storage. But, what is LTFS? And more importantly, why does it matter? Here are 7 things you need to know about LTFS. LTFS makes tape simple. LTFS, short for Linear Tape File System, is a way of organizing data on tape that simplifies rapid file access while…

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