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Businessman inside skyscraper, lookng at the city through window on
Businessman inside skyscraper, lookng at the city through window on

The World's No.1 Provider of Cognitive Data Management and Archive Solutions

The world's largest companies across 17 industries have chosen SDS to protect and manage their most important data.
The SBDS Insider July 2017 | Eliminating the Pain of Migrating Your Unstructured Data
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Maximize Storage ROI

Maximize Storage ROI

SDS ensures the highest ROI and enables the use of flash, disk, tape, and cloud for your perfect blend of economy and performance.

Eliminate Complexity

Eliminate Complexity

SDS delivers solutions designed to simplify data and storage management, and work with your current environment.

Complete Data Protection

Complete Data Protection

SDS meets your data provenance, compliance, and governance requirements to ensure complete data protection. Your data is safe and future-proofed on-site, off-site, and in the cloud. 


cloud computing

Extending Data Management To The Cloud

Cloud services have become increasingly popular as mechanisms for sharing files, for data collaboration, for backing up or archiving data, or simply for adding space to cramped on-premises storage infrastructure. While some firms have made a deliberate choice to leverage cloud storage as part of a strategic initiative to improve

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