How to Avoid Getting Outsmarted by Your Data Storage Platforms

Over 25,000 new data governance requirements were introduced by the US government over the past 18 months. In Europe as well, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will come into effect in 2018 that will strictly control how any type of personal data is stored, accessed and shared. This not only affects companies in the EU, but also those from any country that might collect personal data of any EU citizen. This is serious. Failure to comply can result in fines of up to 4% of a company’s global revenue.

Depending on your industry segment and whether your firm is publicly traded, many of these rules and laws – requiring you to take measures to protect data from unauthorized disclosure or corruption and loss, or to preserve data for a specified period of time – may be front and center in your IT strategy planning sessions.

How will you comply with the increasing flood of legal and regulatory mandates? How will you apply the right protection and preservation services to the right data without engaging in a costly re-engineering of your storage infrastructure? How can you comply with regulatory mandates for data protection and preservation with so much of the data stored in proprietary technology “siloes” and in myriad file and object systems, both on-premise and in cloud service provider facilities?

The Role of IT Has Always Been About Stewardship of Irreplaceable Data Assets

It has never been easy to identify or characterize the data assets you need to protect and preserve, or to allocate the right protection or preservation services to the right data based on its business criticality or recovery priority. Simply put, most data protection and preservation strategies lacked any sort of granularity or refinement because unstructured data – files and objects – typically provide too little information about their contents to enable proper classification.

With StrongLink™, the challenges of data classification, regulatory compliance, data protection, and global storage management have been cut down to size. The key is in StrongLink’s ability to aggregate multiple metadata types from across all storage platforms, both on site and in your cloud service providers. This step makes the system data aware.

At the same time, StrongLink collects information about your infrastructure, including the capabilities and status of all storage devices, and about what storage services are required in your environment, including backup, archive, continuous data protection, etc. Now StrongLink is also storage aware.

When data and storage intelligence are combined, you now have complete control of your entire data environment and digital assets. This is made even more powerful with StrongLink’s AI-powered analytics engine that can recognize data access patterns, detect anomalies, and automatically suggest data placement or optimization policies at a granular level which it has learned from the real-world usage in your environment.

The Power of Metadata

The power of metadata and the AI engine also can be used to flag unusual behavior, such as large data transfers or deletions from users who historically don’t do such a thing. If the NSA had been using StrongLink as a data and storage management platform, Edward Snowden’s unauthorized downloads would have been noticed by the AI engine, which would have alerted the appropriate manager to verify if this was authorized.

But even for day-to-day data and storage management, administrators can create granular policies that associate specific groups of files or objects with various services and infrastructure. This might mean data is automatically migrated over its useful life from one storage type to another to match changing performance and cost requirements.

Most importantly, the ability to aggregate virtually unlimited types of metadata into the policy engine means that you now have the power to globally address the regulations on how certain portions of the data are treated, without impacting user experience or adding complexity to IT management.

The Secret to Regulatory Compliance

The secret to regulatory compliance as well as data protection and preservation is the granular application of services and resources to data. With StrongLink’s cognitive data management platform, policy-driven data protection and preservation are automatic. StrongLink can help you to optimize data accessibility, infrastructure cost, security and encryption, backup and archive through cognitive data management.

Don’t let the limitations of storage platforms outsmart your ability globally manage your data.

Get Cognitive!

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