Big Data Means Bigger Storage and Better Protection Strategies

Data storage requirements are growing at 40% per year, but IT budgets are only growing 5-7% annually.(Enterprise Strategy Group, 2015)

Data migration is complex and costly. The cost of data migration alone can be up to 54% as expensive as the new disk array itself. Keeping disk free of fixed content can help alleviate or delay the need for migration and the associated expenses. (Wikibon)

1 in 3 CIOs spend more than $.21/GB/month storing cold data. StrongBox can preserve unstructured data for as little as $.003/GB/month. (Brad Johns Consulting and Storiant Survey)

Storage is the top area of big data investment today; 25% say adequate storage is crucial in supporting big data and analytics trends. Data-driven insight will be a part of at least one business unit across 74% of enterprises in 2014. (Forbes)

In a study by SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association), 80% of respondents report a need to retain information more than 50 years, and 68% report a need of more than 100 years, yet 79% of respondents are highly dissatisfied with their ability to read retained info in 50 years. (SNIA)

Managing storage growth is the dominant pain point for 79% of IT professionals. (

By 2018, we expect 61% of archived content to be in near-line (quickly accessible) storage, up from 43% in 2013. (Tom Coughlin)

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