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How to Avoid Getting Outsmarted by Your Data Storage Platforms

Over 25,000 new data governance requirements were introduced by the US government over the past 18 months. In Europe as well, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will come into effect in 2018 that will strictly control how any type of personal data is stored, accessed and shared. This not only affects companies in the EU, but also those from

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StrongBox Empowers CyArk’s Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage Sites

“It is possible to archive this kind and capacity of data; you just need the right tools. StrongBox is one of those tools.” – Elizabeth Lee, Director of CyArk The Challenge Scalable, affordable storage with global accessibility From earthquakes to forest fires, natural and man-made disasters can wreak havoc on cultural heritage sites. When disaster looms, how can we ensure

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San Diego County Communications Office Uses StrongBox to Add Performance of Disk and Low Cost of Tape to Content Archive

“StrongBox has saved us a ton of money. It acts like disk – we don’t have to extend our SAN and we also don’t have to buy a separate tape system for long-term San Diego County content.” – Jose Villanueva, Producer, County News Center TV The Challenge Skyrocketing video content eclipses SAN capacity – drives the need for more scalable,

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Simplify Your Data Protection | Autonomous Media Management

Data Protection Is Critical Data volumes and unstructured data repositories are growing beyond the ability to manage them as well as guarantying the files are backed up and available in case of a disaster. Disaster comes in many forms and it is not always a natural disaster as it could easily be a corrupted file system or a double disk

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Search (Part 1) | The Ultimate Guide to Cognitive Data Management

Finding a single file or object — or a set of files and objects — that may be needed for a business project, or to respond to a legal or regulatory information request, or to provide the raw material for a big data analytics initiative is becoming a more and more onerous task, especially as data amasses in the exabyte

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Ephemeral Data | By Jon Toigo

I get very perturbed when I hear otherwise intelligent developers talk about data backup and archive like they are an old man’s game.  Increasingly, I am told that storage infrastructure today is best designed to be “flat and frictionless” rather than tiered, with data migration or copy.  When data is no longer being accessed or updated, that flat folks argue,

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