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Ephemeral Data | By Jon Toigo

I get very perturbed when I hear otherwise intelligent developers talk about data backup and archive like they are an old man’s game.  Increasingly, I am told that storage infrastructure today is best designed to be “flat and frictionless” rather than tiered, with data migration or copy.  When data is no longer being accessed or updated, that flat folks argue,

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7 Things You Need to Know about LTFS

LTFS has impacted tape’s modern role in data storage. But, what is LTFS? And more importantly, why does it matter? Here are 7 things you need to know about LTFS. LTFS makes tape simple. LTFS, short for Linear Tape File System, is a way of organizing data on tape that simplifies rapid file access while protecting tape data from vendor

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How to Fix Backup with an Active Archive

You have to protect business data. This typically translates to: you have to back it up regularly, and there are hundreds of backup solutions out there that promise pain-free backup with speedy recoveries…

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