StrongBox Is Expanding as the Storage Market Grows

The storage market is growing: IDC estimates that annual worldwide shipments of ‘capacity optimized’ storage systems will rise from around 22,000PB in 2013 to just under 90,000PB in 2016. (

Storage costs are now taking up between 33 to 70 cents for every dollar spent on IT hardware. (Jon Toigo)

Between 2013 and 2018, media and entertainment storage revenue (a key StrongBox vertical) is expected to grow 90% (from $6.2 B to $11.9 B). (Forbes, Tom Coughlin)

The market for NAS (network-attached storage) solutions alone is expected to reach $7B by 2017, driven by the demand for anytime, anywhere accessibility. (, GIA)

IDC segments its report and predictions into servers, storage, networking, software, and services, predicting storage will see the biggest growth at a 53.4 percent compound annual growth rate. (

Looking at data growth rates and comparing those to limited IT budgets, it’s clear to see why scalable storage solutions like StrongBox are essential for continued business growth. By leveraging low-cost LTO tape for bulk storage along with an intelligent, policy-driven disk cache, StrongBox helps close the gap between capacity, performance and budget availability.

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