Affordable, simple, and secure data storage solutions tailored for your business and industry.

The world's largest companies across 17 industries have chosen SDS to protect and manage their most important data.

What could you accomplish

if your data storage was more affordable, reliable, and simple?

Media & Entertainment

Your increasing need for storage should never limit your business growth. With larger file formats and bigger projects on the horizon, the time to get scalable, low-cost storage is now. StrongBox has been helping broadcast and post-production customers wrangle data growth for more than two decades.

Higher Education & Research

You may not be able to control how much data your network users create, but StrongBox lets you keep costs in check and simplify data management. Data access for research teams, students, faculty, and IT administrators is as simple as dragging and dropping files.

Public Sector

Keep irreplaceable data secure– at the lowest cost. StrongBox delivers the right storage solutions to meet your mission-driven objectives. We know the specific challenges government and other public sector organizations face: consolidation, dwindling budgets, and strict security. We can help you bridge the gap between exploding data growth and flat budgets.

Life Sciences

From genomics to radiology to biology, life sciences organizations generate irreplaceable data that could hold the keys to future medical breakthroughs. Keep information safe for 10, 20, or 100 years with StrongBox – the ultimate archive for unstructured data such as imaging, videos, and medical records.

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