Cloud storage

StrongBox empowers unique, tape-based cloud storage.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage has gained popularity as it promises universal data access and “hardware-free” storage. Cloud providers sell capacity, often charging access and monthly service fees. When data is stored “in the cloud,” it essentially means that it can be accessed from anywhere, with any device. However, cloud storage is not ideal for large-volume, long-term preservation. The reason is that the files are large, and the cost and time required to deliver and retrieve the data over even the largest of internet connections is not feasible. And, some companies do not want their proprietary data being stored on someone else’s platform. The cloud is simply not ideal for all customer data, especially large, long-term datasets. Instead, companies can employ network-attached storage (NAS) with tape, like StrongBox, to keep data protected, yet accessible when and where it’s needed.

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