Storage tiering

StrongBox is the most cost-effective storage solution for Tier-3 data.

What is tiered storage?

Storage tiering is the practice of allocating data to different storage mediums to match performance with cost, resulting in a lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO). Storage pros often manage three tiers of data. Tier 1 is the highest performance tier and holds data that is often needed immediately, such as transactional financial data. Think of this as the important documents sitting atop your desk at work. Tier 2 is data that requires less immediate or frequent access than Tier 1, yet is still vital to stakeholders, such as last month’s financial data. Think of this data as the folders in the drawers of your desk. Tier 3 data is used as the archive. This data may need to be accessed occasionally, but must be protected and stored for long periods of time. Think of this data as the data in your filing cabinet. This tier of data is oftentimes composed of old financial records, video, photos, spreadsheets, email, and PDFs. StrongBox is the perfect Tier 3 device because it inexpensively stores data, allows for easy retrieval, and provides users with data security and protection.

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