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Data Protection Is Critical

Data volumes and unstructured data repositories are growing beyond the ability to manage them as well as guarantying the files are backed up and available in case of a disaster. Disaster comes in many forms and it is not always a natural disaster as it could easily be a corrupted file system or a double disk failure.

With the ever-growing amounts of data, organizations need a cost-effective solution to store and keep relevant data to meet compliance or governance requirements. The perceptible issue for each and every organization is its ability to economically and effectively store the data, and ensure that it can be retrieved when it is needed in a straightforward fashion. The related costs can be seen in a multitude of different views including the process or workflow needed for the data lifecycle management. What may be a cost conscious decision for some companies may not be for another organization. While the amount of storage and the cost of disk may be the number one requirement for some customers; a simple, manageable workflow may be a higher priority than cost for others.

What Can You Make of All This?

What’s needed is a self-contained, converged file data storage system that is utilized to store data as a NAS for normal file operations as well as being an archive for long-term data retention to maximize cost savings for businesses. The StrongBox appliance is the solution. StrongBox actively manages the preservation of the data based upon policies that have been set by the company or organization. All aspects of preservation are handled by the StrongBox, including management of the attached tape library. Unlike traditional backup systems that require administration of a tape library, there is extremely limited interaction required between the administrator and the inherent tasks being performed by the StrongBox system with the library. The library is managed day-to-day by the StrongBox storage system and the only active tasks for the administrator would be the initial load of the tape media into the library, as well as removing export copies. There are even options for “touchless tape” so that tape is never handled in daily operations.

The cost-effective operations of the StrongBox free up storage managers and allow them to focus on the important day-to-day tasks that keep a business running. StrongBox decreases the amount of data on high-cost storage, keeping only the truly active data on disk and removing the static, infrequently accessed data that is simply consuming expensive space and costing the business money. By removing the “un-accessed” data from the expensive tier 1 storage, the nightly backup can now be reduced. Data is automatically handled by StrongBox to ensure data protection and data provenance are maintained in a cost-effective manner.

– David Cerf, CEO at StrongBox Data Solutions


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