storage solutions

Designed to fit your workflow
and safeguard your most valuable data.

The world's largest companies across 17 industries have chosen SDS to protect and manage their most important data.

Storage, protection and backup

made affordable for everyone.

Many data storage systems today require massive investments in infrastructure, making comprehensive storage unaffordable for small businesses and large enterprises alike. We believe storage solutions should integrate with your current workflows and existing infrastructure to provide the immediate protection and backup you need – at a price you can afford.

discover how you can take control

with our reliable storage solutions:


Seamlessly connect cloud, virtual appliances, and off-site storage with one simple access point for all unstructured data.


Combine the data accessibility of cloud with the backup protection of on-site storage for maximum speed and efficiency.

Data Protection
and Preservation

Proactively protect unstructured content with automatic archiving policies to comply with regulatory requirements.

Archive and
Data Retention

Improve data access while saving up to 50% on storage costs with intelligent and automated storage tiering.


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