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LTFS, short for Linear Tape File System, is a standard format for organizing data on tape that simplifies rapid file access while protecting tape data from vendor “lock-in.” LTFS tape acts like a USB drive, or any other file-based storage. That means it can be read by any LTFS-enabled drive – regardless of vendor or hardware.


7 Things you need to know

about LTFS

Did you know?

80% of the world's data is stored on tape.

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4 reasons why we use LTFS:

1. Open-standard

LTFS is supported in all modern tape drives including LTO-5, 6, and 7 as well as IBM TS1140 and 1150, and Oracle T10K.

2. Data mobility

LTFS allows users to share data with collaborators around the world. LTFS tape can be “plugged in,” loaded, and read by any LTFS-ready drive, regardless of operating system or software application. And a tape can be exported and shipped or taken to a second location – no problem. Try doing that with a disk array.

3. Simple, file-level accessibility

LTFS is self-describing and transforms tape into a file system so that applications can find files quickly.

4. Reliability

The latest LTO-7 tape delivers the best bit-error rate around. It’s three orders of magnitude more reliable than disk.


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