Why Rent the cloud

When you could own it?

Build your own private cloud storage and save BIG.

The world's largest companies across 17 industries have chosen SDS to protect and manage their most important data.

When a cloud provider's monthly fee sounds too good to be true...

It probably is.

Those rates don’t include hidden costs like transfer and restore fees that make accessing your data prohibitively expensive. When you need to keep data long term, costs add up fast. Also, security and chain of custody concerns may cause you to rethink public cloud altogether.

Data “in the cloud” must live somewhere in the physical world. But is it less expensive to rent it from a provider or own the infrastructure? Better yet, is it possible to combine the accessibility of cloud with the secure, low cost of tape? The answer is yes – with StrongBox.

Buy Vs. Rent?

Here's what Amazon doesn't want you to know.


For your private cloud.

Access data from your cloud while keeping it secure with StrongBox on the back end. By combining LTFS tape technology and the native S3 standard, StrongBox empowers you to create your cloud at the lowest cost with built-in data protection. Will you need proprietary calls to connect StrongBox to cloud apps? No way! StrongBox supports native S3 – no need for proprietary mumbo-jumbo.

Why back your cloud storage with StrongBox?
The lowest cost per GB. Period.
Long-term storage with StrongBox is 1/3 the cost of competing cloud-only services. No hidden fees. No gimmicks. For data you keep more than five years, the savings are even greater.

Unmatched reliability.
LTO-7 tape is three orders of magnitude more reliable than public cloud. You can write more than 1.25 exabytes to tape without error versus only about one error-free petabyte to the cloud.

Future proof and vendor neutral.
StrongBox never applies proprietary file formatting so you’ll always have access to your data, with or without StrongBox.

Robust application integration.
StrongBox’s RESTful API offers tight integration with diverse applications.



A storage gateway solution that integrates storage tiers and technologies to simplify data management and enable the lowest-cost data preservation.


A software-defined data and storage management solution that addresses long-standing obstacles to storage cost-containment, risk reduction, and productivity optimization.


To get serious about your
cloud storage.

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