Connect + Protect Your Data

No matter where it lives.

The #1 cloud access point solution on the market:

  • 1 single point of access for all your data
  • Reduce storage costs by 80%
  • Your data is always protected: No need for backups
The world's largest companies across 17 industries have chosen SDS to protect and manage their most important data.

Access your unstructured data

Through a single point of contact.

StrongBox makes storage simple. Period.

A storage gateway is an on-site device (physical or virtual) that connects on-site storage resources, to off-site storage or cloud storage.

Key Benefits:

  • Your data is always protected, no backup needed.
  • Supports native S3 standard for object-based cloud storage.
  • Transparently leverages low-cost LTFS tape for multi-copy data protection.


who trust us everyday.

"I sleep better at night now that our archive storage system is in place"
- CyArk

StrongBox Storage

Cloud Access Point


To the rescue of the modern storage pro

Managing on-site storage with fast-growing data and limited budgets, protecting data off-site, and understanding how to use cloud can feel a bit like juggling flaming batons.

A single, secure access point

StrongBox provides a seamless bridge between your on-site resources, cloud, applications, and off-site storage, for all your unstructured data:

  • Enables the  the lowest cost storage with seamless tiering across flash, disk, tape, and cloud.
  • Intelligently and automatically manages data so that it’s accessible where you need it, when you need it.
  • Eliminates the complexity of trying to balance cost and performance.


To get your hands on the best cloud access point solution.

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