Break free

From vendor lock-in forever.

Our vendor-neutral storage solutions give you the freedom to use the right technologies that meet your business requirements.

The world's largest companies across 17 industries have chosen SDS to protect and manage their most important data.

Liberate your storage

And future-proof your data.

Your data is your data. Period.

Some storage vendors are really good at picking your pocket. They force you to use their products exclusively or lock down your data with proprietary formats. SDS believes your data should always be just that – yours, regardless of where and how it is stored. You’re never locked into our hardware.

You can mix and match storage hardware (flash, disk, tape, and cloud) from your preferred vendor to balance performance and costs. Build your perfect storage solution that provides modular flexibility to scale for the future.


who trust us everyday.

"It's a simple network-attached solution that anyone can access,
and that leverages LTFS – That makes it very easy for us to implement."

VP at FotoKem

Break free from high storage costs.

Unlock the value of tape with LTFS.

Vendor-Neutral solutions

Tailored to your business requirements.


A storage gateway solution that integrates storage tiers and technologies to simplify data management and enable the lowest-cost data preservation.


A software-defined data and storage management solution that addresses long-standing obstacles to storage cost-containment, risk reduction, and productivity optimization.


to break free from your vendor.

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