StrongBox Data Solutions: Future of Data Storage and Management

One of the biggest problems faced by all industries is how to balance long-term data protection with the need to control costs, reduce complexity for IT staff, and ensure that users are able to easily find and use the data at any time, from anywhere. With a growing proliferation of storage solutions today, it is often very difficult to take advantage of the right technology for all phases of the data’s lifecycle. The storage requirements for handling production data are different than those for archives, or remote collaboration.

The problem is how to create the optimum mix of flash, disk, object, or cloud storage to fulfil business requirements without creating additional management overhead, or impacting user experience. Multi-tiered storage solutions typically only work within the vendor’s file system or platform. This means customers get locked into proprietary technologies, and are unable to easily add new storage types.

The simple fact is that data almost always lives longer than the storage it is housed initially. Which means this is not a storage problem alone, but is really a data management problem. The problem is, how to extend existing storage resources to the cloud, or enable offsite data preservation, as well the flexibility to seamlessly, and easily add any existing storage technology to meet business requirements.

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