A Solution for Archive, Backup and Long-Term Preservation

Fujifilm announces a new record with 154TB tape, 62 times greater than LTO-6 capacity.(StorageNewsletter.com)

Nearly 250 million LTO tapes have been sold – enough to store more than 100,000 petabytes of data (Tape Storage Council, 2014)

LTO-6 tape cartridges (the media used by tape libraries) more than doubled capacity and offer a 40% performance boost, as compared with LTO 5. This further improves the economic advantages of using tape for large-volume storage. (LTO Consortium)

The tape storage market is growing – Linear Tape Open (LTO) tape shipments are projected to grow 27% in 2014. (Enterprise Storage Forum)

Google relies on 200,000 tape cartridges per year for backup and archiving. (Take a video tour inside Google’s datacenter)

Six reasons why tape rescues big data management: speed, reliability, low power, security, cost and longevity. (The Economist)

LTO-6 shipped more capacity in the first three quarters after introduction than any other LTO format. (Tape Storage Council)

In a survey from Iron Mountain, 94% of survey respondents using or planning to use tape are using it along with disk for long-term storage. Some 43% of respondents cited cost, while 24% cite longevity as the reason for remaining with tape. (Enterprise Storage Forum)

The TCO (total cost of ownership) for an LTFS-based ‘Tape as NAS’ solution is $1.1M compared with $7.0M for a Unified Storage solution. Over a 10-year period, this equates to a savings of over $5.9M, which is more than 84% less than the equivalent amount of disk-based storage. (Brad Johns Consulting)

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