David Cerf – CEO

David Cerf is a former Crossroads executive where he led strategy and business development from 2005 to 2016 and developed partnerships with several of the world’s largest companies, including FujiFilm, Iron Mountain, IBM, and Dell as well as strong vendor relationships with many branches of the US Government. Prior to SDS, David was Vice-President at NexQL Corporation, a leading provider of advanced database acceleration technologies, where he led the funding of the company, the creation of its advisory board with executives from IBM, Bank of America, and the US Government, including the US Department of Defense, and the eventual sale of the company. Previously, David was a co-founder of 360World, a national provider of video and imaging solutions. 360World delivered in 50 US markets and was one of the first providers of virtual tours solution, providing digital content delivery for top publishing firms such as Cox, Bellow, TREB and Harmon Publishing.

In his early career, David started the Dallas Business Incubator, one of the first for-profit private incubators in the United States. David focused on the development and funding for early stage business and worked with more than 50 high-growth startups. David is an accomplished speaker on topics surrounding emerging technologies, storage and data preservation, and big data. He also has extensive experience on the M&A front having led several software acquisitions.

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