What is so Special About Metadata?

When researching ways to contain rising storage costs and reduce the complexity of heterogeneous storage environments, it is natural to look at storage solutions for ways to solve these problems. Data lives on storage, so it seems reasonable to assume that the answers to managing the explosion of data would be found in various storage options.

The storage industry is naturally focused on storage-centric answers to the problem of data management. To a hammer, everything looks like a nail. But even the best storage products cannot do this alone. Storage-centric solutions simply do not have the intelligence about the data they store, nor were they designed to work across multi-vendor storage types, different file systems, or protocols.

The good news is all digital files contain multiple types of metadata that can drive a data-centric solution to the problem, and in the process bridge incompatible storage types and use cases. Metadata is literally data about the data. Think of it as a roadmap that gives you a bird’s eye view of everything about your data, and which can drive data management policies that transcend the storage layer.

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